The Whiskey Rebellion

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Audio Introduction

This audio introduction will provide a point-of-entry to the important events, figures, and themes of the Whiskey Rebellion. 

This piece is also Part One of a two-part audio tour. Part Two, found here, is designed to be played as a driving tour of western Pennsylvania. You can listen to this as a lead-up to the on-site audio tour, or listen to it on its own if you aren't planning to travel to western Pennsylvania in the near future.

You may access to a transript of this audio introduction here.

Audio files are streaming on this website via SoundCloud. Click through (or click the "Download" button on the upper righthand corner of the embedded file) to download them as mp3 files, which you can add to a music feed on any device.

Music: "Rye Whiskey" by Punch Brothers
Voice: Stephanie Krom