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About the Project

About the Project

This digital history project, built by Stephanie Krom Townrow, aims to explore the Whiskey Rebellion (1791-1794) in time and space through an interactive map, a responsive timeline, and a heritage audio tour designed to be played in a vehicle while exploring the present-day sites of the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania.

The interactive map, which highlights many of the most important places in the Whiskey Rebellion, has been created using Neatline. Geographic points have been found primarily using primary source accounts. Locations have been confirmed and photographed through on-site research in western Pennsylvania. I have tried to create a thorough and robust map that includes many of the important points throughout the three-year insurrection, but this map does not contain all of the sites associated with the Whiskey Rebellion. Sites have been excluded either because I was not able to locate them with accuracy, or, as is the case with General Neville's Woodville Plantation home, because I feel their connection to the insurrection is tenuous.

The timeline explores the Whiskey Rebellion temporally, highlighting important dates of the insurrection and clearly defining a chronology of the major events. The timeline was built using TimelineJS. Like the interactive map, the timeline does not include every event related to the Whiskey Rebellion. Rather, it includes the moments I feel are most important to telling the general chronology of the insurrection. One note: I do not know the time of day of Day 1 of the Battle of Bower Hill, or the retreat to Couch's Fort later this same day. These two events are time-stamped to ensure that the battle appears in the timeline ahead of the retreat. 

The audio tour is split into two parts. Part One is an audio introduction that may be played on its own, at your leisure, before your visit to western Pennsylvania. Part One is also designed to be relevant to people who do not plan to travel to the Whiskey Rebellion sites in western Pennsylvania. Part Two, the tour itself, is designed to be played on-site while driving from the site of the Sign of the Green Tree tavern in Pittsburgh to Parkinson's Ferry in Monongahela City. The audio files are hosted on SoundCloud, from which they can be streamed or downloaded directly to a computer or device.

Items featured in the interactive map and timeline are supported by Omeka's robust item-level description. Items are also available to view on their own through the "Browse Items" section of this site, though they appear in no particular order and are not curated in any way.

About Stephanie Townrow

Stephanie Krom Townrow received a Master's Degree in Archives and Public History from New York University in 2015. She has published on the accounting history of the Whiskey Rebellion and is interested in political unrest and crowd action in early America. 

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